Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pet Peeves...

Yes, I do realize that this blog is quickly turning into a dumping ground for my complaints about society.  No, I do not care.  

Today I have had just about enough of everything.  

By 9AM I was completely emotionally exhausted.  For the first time, Oliver REALLY did not want to go with his father.  He's teething, and his father showed up with some other car, but he's been teething before and he's been in that car before.  It was really hard to see him so upset over something...especially when it's never been like this.  It took 40 minutes and both of us trying just to get him into his carseat.  As soon as I walked away, I started crying... I just can't stand to see him so upset.  I do not want this to be a new thing.  While it's never easy to let him go, it's so much easier when he wants to go.  

< rant >

I think that it was because I was already emotionally done that the rest of the day has been so frustrating.  I understand that community college is not the same as university.  Really.  I just don't feel good about my classes.  It really is the best (only) option to avoid repayment of loans.  I've been honest about my reasoning.  I knew going into this that I probably would not enjoy this semester.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize just how much I would loathe logging in and looking at posts and reading... and especially how much I would despise my classmates.  Not all...but most.  When looking through the discussions, I realize that many of these people just do not belong in college.  It isn't as if much is asked of us... How is one fragment sentence considered appropriate?  All we have to write is 100 words.  Why do I care?  Because my grade depends in part on responding to these people.  I cannot simply respond that they need to read the syllabus... or be smarter... no matter how much I'd like to do just that.  Ugh.  Anyway... It's mostly the early childhood development class that's got me down in this respect.  My literature class seems to be full of at least semi-literate individuals.  They don't make me want to gouge my eyes out...that's what the text is for!  Seriously, I KNEW I didn't like American for all my years of higher education, I've avoided it completely.  I fell asleep 3 times trying to read less than 10 pages.  It's truly awful material.  I was unable to do the homework because I have yet to feel anything for either topic.  Oh well.

I think this is where the pet peeves are going to come in.  This does not apply solely to my classes... my current tolerance level is significantly lower than usual and I am noticing 'mistakes' more often than I'd like.  The best possible remedy is for everyone to stop making mistakes.  I must stress that what follows is only the most basic introduction to all the things that drive me insane...and my list of pet peeves varies depending on where you happen to be writing.  

1.  This is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that you will ever EVER need to know when typing anything that might ever be read by another person (especially if that person is me): A (space) LOT.  No matter how many times you've seen it, 'alot' is not a word.  It is two separate words.  Please grant them their individuality!
2.  I'd like to introduce you to a few words: there, their, and they're.  Now I'm going to use them correctly, in hopes that you will do the same!
a.  There are a lot of douchebags in here.  OR  The prison entrance is located over there.  (these should be obvious)
b.  Their child looks like a gnome.  (their, meaning it belongs to them...)
c.  They're all going to laugh at you.  (they're combines they and are)
3.  Here are some more: your and you're.  Same drill here...
a.  Is that your blood?  (in this case, your is possessive...meaning...does that blood belong to you?)
b.  You're a moron.  (combination of you and are)
4.  And here are two more: to and too.
a.  I would like to leave.  (there are a million ways to explain this tiny word, so just go here:
b.  I, too, believe that the three-toed sloth is the cutest animal in the whole world.  ( addition...etc...).
5.  Adding an s to the end of a word does not mean that you must also add an apostrophe.  See example:


< /rant >

I think I feel better now...even though True Blood was pretty disappointing tonight.

I have 2 ideas that need to be made into blogs, and if I get around to creating them, I'll post links here... or on facebook.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oliver's Word List

A 17-month old Oliver can say:

  1.        Mama
    2.       Grandma
    3.       (I assume he says dad, but don’t actually know…)
    4.       Kitty
    5.       Cat
    6.       Puppy
    7.       Dog
    8.       Bird
    9.       Duck
    10.   Boob
    11.   Mud
    12.   Mess
    13.   Dirt
    14.   Pee pee
    15.   Poop
    16.   Bath
    17.   Toothpaste
    18.   Toothbrush
    19.   Towel
    20.   Plug
    21.   Color
    22.   Red
    23.   Green
    24.   Blue
    25.   White
    26.   Black
    27.   Yellow
    28.   Purple
    29.   Pink
    30.   Car
    31.   Truck
    32.   Bike
    33.   Trash truck
    34.   Fire truck
    35.   Swiffer
    36.   Ball
    37.   Giraffe
    38.   Monkey
    39.   Tail
    40.   Pillow
    41.   No
    42.   Up
    43.   Down
    44.   On
    45.   Off
    46.   Light
    47.   Coffee
    48.   Tea
    49.   Water
    50.   Juice
    51.   Milk
    52.   Cookie
    53.   Cake
    54.   Apple
    55.   Banana
    56.   Peach
    57.   Cracker
    58.   Fishies
    59.   Cup
    60.   Laptop
    61.   Ipod
    62.   Phone
    63.   Ice cream cone
    64.   Tomato
    65.   Bread
    66.   Block
    67.   Train
    68.   Book
    69.   My book
    70.   Keys
    71.   Baby
    72.   Pumpkin
    73.   Bug
    74.   Leaf
    75.   Flower
    76.   Rose
    77.   Lily
    78.   Bee
    79.   Moon
    80.   Sun
    81.   Sheep
    82.   Bunny
    83.   Owl
    84.   Star
    85.   Hat
    86.   Money
    87.   Ghost
    88.   Pizza
    89.   Peas
    90.   Frog
    91.   Doughnut
    92.   Shoes
    93.   Eye
    94.   Ear
    95.   Nose
    96.   Mouth
    97.   Hair
    98.   Forehead
    99.   Chin
    100.                        Mole
    101.                        Arm
    102.                        Knee
    103.                        Eyebrow
    104.                        Glasses
    105.                        Face
    106.                        Foot
    107.                        Toes
    108.                        Belly
    109.                        Cheek
    110.                        Boots
    111.                        Vacuum
    112.                        Broom
    113.                        Boom
    114.                        Highchair
    115.                        Blanket
    116.                        Berries
    117.                        Toast
    118.                        Potty
    119.                        Soap
    120.                        Bye
    121.                        Knife
    122.                        Fork
    123.                        Spoon
    124.                        Mush
    125.                        Plant
    126.                        Drill
    127.                        Hammer
    128.                        Camel
    129.                        Lion
    130.                        Bear
    131.                        Horse
    132.                        Grape
    133.                        Cheese
    134.                        Potato
    135.                        Green bean
    136.                        Airplane
    137.                        Chicken
    138.                        Pig
    139.                        Goat
    140.                        Cow
    141.                        Tractor
    142.                        Boat
    143.                        Rock
    144.                        Doll
    145.                        Robot
    146.                        Man
    147.                        Chip
    148.                        Broccoli
    149.                        Tree
    150.                        Pretty
    151.                        Bead
    152.                        Goose
    153.                        Lizard
    154.                        Tiger
    155.                        River
    156.                        Sky
    157.                        Rain
    158.                        Thunder
    159.                        House
    160.                        Park
    161.                        Powder
    162.                        Diaper
    163.                        Wipe
    164.                        Door
    165.                        Gate
    166.                        Grass
    167.                        Hot
    168.                        Bubble
    169.                        Pool
    170.                        Gun
    171.                        Balloon
    172.                        Hey/hi
    173.                        Meow
    174.                        Wall
    175.                        Stick
    176.                        Fan
    177.                        Bracelet
    178.                        Owe
    179.                        Mop
    180.                        Clean
    181.                        Dance
    182.                        Stinky
    183.                        Ruff ruff ruff
    184.                        Neck
    185.                        Elbow
    186.                        Armpit
    187.                        Girls
    188.                        Nice
    189.                        Pet
    190.                        Cat fur
    191.                        Pen
    192.                        Wolf
    193.                        Egg
    194.                        Meat
    195.                        Box
    196.                        Straw
    197.                        Tv
    198.                        Bib
    199.                        Dip
    200.                        Ketchup
    201.                        Open
    202.                        Shoes
    203.                        Out                    

    Spanish words –
    1.       Pez (fish)
    2.       Agua (water)

    Names –
    1.       Veronica (caca)
    2.       Bettye
    3.       Taylor (tay)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bleh. I have dislikes.

Wanna know how to make me really upset??  Turn off my AC, drop me from my classes because I haven't paid (when I would have...had I not been charged out of state tuition), fail to return phone calls, claim my paperwork never arrived, force me to RE-SEND paperwork, and don't answer the phone when I call to confirm receipt...And be sure to do this on what will at some point be day 1 of my period.

Today has been positively blissful.

There's one day each month when I seriously wonder why I need/want more kids...because I really don't want my uterus.  It's this painful sack of uselessness, hanging out in my guts, completely unoccupied.  It angrily sheds its lining...and as a result, I get to spend a day curled up in a ball wishing for menopause.  Then I remember my reasoning...I'm too smart to have just one kid.  Those who should not be breeding are those who do it most (crackheads...teenagers...morons...super-religious-freaks)...which means there are far too many unwanted, uncared-for, little zealots with limited potential running around.  There is no nature vs. takes both.  My children are genetically predisposed to be intelligent and healthy.  Due to my parenting style and personal belief system, my kids will be open-minded, genuine, loving, and independent.  People like me (and I don't mean to sound like a narcissist, but what I really mean is intelligent people with more than a high school education...particularly those who have a graduate degree or beyond) typically do not procreate.  We wait.  We wait until the timing is right...we try to find the perfect genetic match...we want to have a certain amount of investment property or just the right SUV.  Or we have one trophy child who grows up to be completely neurotic.  I know I'm over-thinking it...I really am just trying to justify my love of new baby scent.  AND at the same time, I'm gonna do my part to ensure Idiocracy doesn't become a reality.

But... the AC is kid is adorable...and we're going for a walk in a bit.  I guess things aren't THAT bad.

Or not...Oliver just learned how to open his crayons...or, well...MY crayons.  I anticipate a mess in the next few minutes.  :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sitting here with a Pepsi and not much else.

Life is incredibly boring when my Oliver isn't here.  My mom's turning into a hoarder and I can't stand it...BUT at least True Blood was great tonight.  I'm really starting to like Eric.  I almost find him attractive...which is weird, because blondes just don't do it for me.  I also watched Confessions of a Shopaholic this morning...and it was mediocre, but the leading man may well be the most attractive guy I've seen in a movie in a very long time.  I believe I said that the first time I saw the movie, too :)

I am in the worst mood today, though... not quite sure what it is, but I'm just venomous.  I want to break's tiring...might be why I wanna go to bed at 7:40.  This is probably because Oliver isn't here to make the day happy.  How did I ever exist without my kid!?

And why am I blogging? I have nothing to say...I said everything on facebook today.  :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

a review....of sorts. ****spoiler alert****

Maybe I'm a very callus person.  I's possible.  9-11 never had any emotional impact on me.  I always figured that it was because I'm simply not capable of comprehending something on that scale....and it's quite possible that's the case.  Today's the first time I actually cried over something '9-11-related'...and oddly, it was a movie that had only had something to do with it for a moment.

I just finished watching Remember Me.  The funny thing...I *knew* how the movie ended before watching it...which is probably why it took a good 10 attempts to finally get through the whole thing - it's tough to get in the mood for a sad movie.  I just thought it was going to end with a different kind of death entirely.  I was betting on something tragic, yet more self-serving.  The movie wasn't amazing... and the very last scene totally should have been cut... but there were some beautiful moments throughout...particularly near the end.  The 9-11 bit...seriously just a few minutes of the movie...caught me totally off-guard but was just so perfect an end.

I really want to write more right now... but because Oliver ate a graham cracker over the keyboard at some point today, half of my keys aren't working right.  I sorta want to vacuum the laptop.