For those who believe that an astrological perspective will provide some insight into me, here goes.

My sun sign is Libra, my Moon sign is Aquarius, and my rising sign is Gemini.  I am a total airhead.

Libra sun people are pretty awesome.  In fact, vanity is one of our qualities.  Mostly, though, I see Libras as the hippies of the zodiac.  We're peace-makers...all into balance and harmony.  Libra is the relationship sign (which I find hilarious), and Libras are (in theory) very good at supporting and furthering the goals of their significant others.  Apparently, they also get very attached to their partners.  I say they because I don't do attachment well...or often.  However, no matter the level of attachment, Libras aren't likely to express it in any over-the-top ways...because we're pretty detached.  In all honesty, I think the best word to describe a Libra in any kind of relationship is fickle.  No offense to us, really...we are great... but we don't do much waiting around, and have no real hang-ups about moving on.  Sadly, we don't make decisions quickly.  Being the scales means we have to weigh out everything, and that takes a while.  I think as we get older, we get a bit faster...but I can't be sure.  Libras are into justice (and make good judges and lawyers), but are also excellent in the arts.  Most are at least somewhat artistically inclined, but all are fine-tuned to appreciate beauty in all its forms.

Since the moon was in Aquarius, I'm eccentric.  It also means I have an extra dose of creativity.  I kind of think this is where my relationship issues may stem from... Aquarius moon people HATE and run from possessiveness.  We also want to be challenged by our partners...and might do best to just have casual relationships because we're tough to deal with.  (This may be why I want a super-genius who would be fine with a distant, mostly detached person who might not ever want to live together...)  Like the Libra, Aquarius moon people might relate better to humanity as a whole rather than to individual humans.  All these air signs are kinda hippie bohemian signs...and this one might even look the part.

My Ascendant (rising sign) is Gemini.  Aaaaand here come the neuroses.  Geminis fidget.  It isn't just a physical thing...but a mental one.  The mind and probably at least part of the body must always be in motion. Gemini rising means I'm full of ideas...and also a bit high strung.  I'm probably funny...and a bit anxious.  The best way I've heard this aspect described is that I'm capable of out-talking, out-thinking, and out-smarting just about anyone I meet.  Damn right.  Gemini rising also means excellent communication skills...and often leads to a career in writing.  Because Gemini's symbol is the twins, there's a good chance I'm 2 people... okay, not really.  But I do have dual, sometimes competing, natures...and I'm good at multitasking.  Rarely do I do just one thing at a time.

When my chart is broken down to what element each of the planets was located in at the time of my birth, I have a preponderance of air signs.  Those who are mostly air tend toward intellectual/mental pursuits, and are often detached emotionally.  There is a good chance air people become life-long students.  Most air people are pretty objective and fair...probably because of the detachment.  While there is a lot of thought going on, there's not always a lot of follow-through...which is a shame.

In addition to the preponderance of air signs, I have absolutely NO earth signs.  Not one.  The best description I've ever heard for this is that I'm not really at home on Earth.  Dealing with the daily grind is not agreeable...perhaps not even possible.  There's a tendency toward daydreaming...and more of that failure to follow through stuff...and maybe some deficiency in the common sense department.  People who lack earth are generally not interested in material possessions or money, and may have little in either department.  Sometimes there are some OCD like tendencies to make up for the lack of ability to deal with the basics.

Some other planetary bits...in less detail:

Mercury in Scorpio -
I don't mince words.  I say what I'm thinking or I don't say anything at all.  I enjoy research.  I can keep a secret, but I can also get a secret out of someone else.  I'm very good at reading people, and probably enjoy it.  I'm also stubborn and skeptical.

Venus in Scorpio -
I'm straightforward in relationships.  I know what I want and have no problem expressing desires.  I can be intense, and am deeply committed.  Despite what this says, I feel like my air nature may quash this a bit...at least the intensity part.  I don't feel that I'm particularly intense.

Mars in Leo -
There's some confidence, some aptitude for being the center of attention (even some desire for it), and a bunch of pride.  None of those thing are bad on their own, but all can get out of control...resulting in angry outbursts.

Jupiter in Libra -
Diplomatic capabilities... playing well with others, being able to sway opinion, strong moral compass.

Saturn in Libra -
A bit more diplomacy and cooperation here... but also the tendency to hide from the whole world, keep to myself, and possibly never marry (Saturn slows things down...Libra is the love sign...I'm just doomed all over).

I'll probably come back and write a bit about the houses and what's going on in them someday... but until then, here's my chart - feel free to interpret it on your own :)