Sunday, March 20, 2011


Oliver will be 2 in 8 days.

My little boy is turning into a big boy.  He's so smart and handsome...and sometimes he's nice (he likes to feel people and he gives hugs and kisses like no other).  He's becoming such a person.  In just the last few weeks I've noticed changes in his personality - particularly more stubbornness.  He's also much more interested in being my helper now.  He has moments of intense frustration that are usually marked by squeals...guess he's gotten my patience.  :)  The only new development I'm not happy about is the fact that he's not happy about brushing his teeth all the time anymore.  He used to WANT to do it takes coaxing, and half the time he cries through it.

On the potty front, progress.  Oliver currently thinks his potty is a hat...or a torture device...or a thing to stand on to get things off the counter.  Once every couple weeks he'll want a potty treat, so he'll go sit on the potty after a bath, but he just doesn't want to use it for its purpose.  He knows when he has to go, but doesn't care.  He'll tell me when he's gone...but when I tell him to go get his diaper changed he always says, "no."  He is VERY interested in undies, though.  I'm hoping that with repeated reminders about the correlation between undies and the potty, he'll get the idea.

We've been using a lot lately... gotta say, I love the site almost as much as Oliver.  He loves his letters.  If he sees me at the computer he'll say, "do letters."  He's pretty insistent.  :)

Anyway...this is the last day of spring break and I've gotten nothing accomplished.  I wanted to get at least one pointless project completed and do a bunch of reading...but I just didn't get around to it.  I didn't do anything.  I guess I'll just work my ass off tomorrow.  Oliver's birthday party is this Saturday and I have a billion things to do before then.  At least I gave up on making the cake myself... :)  I ordered one, and it's going to be red and black, and I'll be topping it with a toy firetruck that lights up and makes sounds.  Tomorrow I have to do the following:
Get the rest of Oliver's bday presents
Assemble the wagon and tricycle
Lose 10lbs
Win the lottery
Write a best-seller
I've decided that putting a shower on the to-do list guarantees that I'll get to cross at least one thing off. bed is calling... I'll hopefully write more at some point...someday...without letting months pass between entries again :)