Friday, December 16, 2011

Nearly Done...

Finally got nearly everything done.  The presents are purchased, wrapped, and sitting under the tree.  The laundry is nearly done.  I baked 2 kinds of cookies today AND got rid of almost all of them, so that I won't find myself in a sugar coma due to my inability to stop eating them. I still have one final to do, and a big stack of xmas cards to mail...and I haven't even tried to get into the closets or the toy box yet.  I have a couple long weekends coming up, though.  :)  I really look forward to the long weekends... and dread everything after the second week of January.  It's all normal then.  No nice long vacations to look forward to, no holidays... I'm sure I'll be taking some time off around Oliver's birthday, but still.  There's nothing but average for quite a while.

This last week was annoying.  I felt no love for the patrons... I spent most of the week working on a computer problem that almost drove me over the edge.  The relief from finally solving the problem was short-lived, because once accomplished, I felt so accomplished that I was done.

Next semester I have a writing class... and I really can't wait.  I'm so creatively stifled.

We're watching the new Peanuts movie, Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown.  Linus sounds ok, but the other voices are a bit off.  I hoped it wouldn't bother me, does.  It's like...a remake...but not.

Like...can you imagine if A Christmas Story was redone??  Wouldn't that be terrible??!

In Oliver news...the embarrassing moments keep coming.  Last night, while walking through the store, he got a tampon out of my purse.  He was waving it around at it was a little light-saber...with sound effects included.  Noticing that was bad enough.  Turning around to see my ex standing there...well, that was embarrassing and hilarious.

Ok... I think I've gained strength through I'm going to tackle at least one bin of toys tonight.  Or maybe just get some laundry put away.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Call for a 36-hour Day.

Or maybe a plea.  Because that's what it's going to take for me to get all that I want accomplished...and only if no additional time is spent at work.  Is it terrible that I still have black Friday toys in boxes?  Is it terrible that, despite my best efforts, Oliver's toy box and closet and book shelves have yet to be sorted and nothing has been added to the donations box?

I got a good deal of my semester taken care of yesterday, but at some point I lost my motivation, and it's yet to return.  :|  What a shame...I so love networking.  I still need to do my networking final... and right now I should be working on a website (or 2) and/or taking some tests.  Seems I always find the time to blog when I have things I actually need to get done.

At least I managed to locate the tree...and the decorations.  Oliver really enjoyed helping with that this year :)

Speaking of Oliver...and speaking of speaking... that kid is beyond entertaining lately.  The other night we had a whole conversation about ghosts.  He claims to see them... says they're white and don't have feet.  He was a little unclear as to the size of their eyes, but says they do have eyes.  At the time of the conversation, he informed me that there were no ghosts in the house, or outside... which was... comforting.  I think.

He's also come up with a few other revelations.  This morning he informed me, almost immediately after waking, that only little kids have penises.  He didn't elaborate.  Last night he said he wouldn't pee on me, so that I wouldn't have to do laundry.  Considerate of him, right?  Also, cats don't eat cake...or excavators... nor are they fond of coffee.  He's also decided that he likes Harry Potter a lot...and this is either a testament to his bravery or my cowardice: he's watched the scene with Aragog.  He's watched more than once, and is equally fascinated each time.  He says the spiders are yucky and slimy.  No, I have not ever watched that particular scene...I have only a vague idea as to what happens then.  I agree wholeheartedly that spiders are yucky, and am glad that they aren't also slimy.  Wouldn't that just make them worse??  Being THAT creepy... and leaving a trail like a slug.  Or like that alien with a cold in Flight of the Navigator...

Just imagine that guy with 8 legs and way too many eyes crawling down your bedroom wall in the middle of the night.  And what would happen if you had to step on it?  They'd survive much better if we had to risk the loss of a pair of shoes to kill 'em.

Have I ever mentioned that I want a puckmarin??  Because I do.  Not having a puckmarin OR a mogwai... talk about leftover childhood disappointments.

And that just reminded me... Oliver's been talking about Santa.  I have no idea where he's getting this stuff from.  I've never had any desire to tell my kid about Santa...I find the whole thing dishonest and creepy.  "Yes, son, an eccentric old fat guy watches you sleep.  He stalks you during the day, too... and takes notes.  He enslaves both midgets and reindeer.  And yes, I would like you to go sit on his lap at the mall.  Oh, and by the way, he'll be breaking into the house in a couple weeks."  And then later, I'll have to tell him I made it all up.  I mean no offense to those of you who plan to do the whole Santa thing...really... but here's your heads up - my kid will be the one who tells his whole preschool class that Santa isn't real.

Anyway... time to figure out the new printer, clean a few rooms, and then relax with some roast and veggies.  :)  My house smells amazing, btw.