Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Something I read a little bit ago...and some other stuff.

I became a 'fan' of the Coffee Party Movement on Facebook a while back...and have been pleasantly surprised by the content of the posts.  While I fully admit to being a bleeding-heart liberal, I often become a little nauseated by the incessant bitching of my contemporaries.  I'm more of a "Freedom and equality for all, peace, love, happiness, etc...but please leave me the hell alone" kinda liberal, I guess.  Anyway, a post came up a little bit ago that I really liked.

"Imagine if we had policies and laws that prioritized happiness and well-being over productivity and profit. Consider that the Declaration of Independence mentions the right to the pursuit of happiness, not the pursuit of profit."

So...Imagine that.  Imagine 1 year paid maternity (and paternity) leave!  Forced vacations.  Less talk in the media about The War On....something... and more talk positive things happening to people.  Less focus on dollar signs and more and passions.  How many people would REALLY be doing what they're currently doing if money weren't a consideration?  I know that since having my kid, I've been more inclined to look for and apply to jobs at soulless corporations that pay well but would leave me emotionally crippled.  Wouldn't it be nice if the focus was on real, individual people instead of assets and earnings?  

In other news, I FINALLY have a job interview!  :)  I am very VERY excited!!!  It isn't at one of those soulless companies, either.  It's at the local behavioral health facility... even though I don't believe I'd be doing much direct interaction with clients, at least at the end of the day I'll still feel like I was a part of something worthwhile.  The pay is about half of what I'm worth, but right now I'm focusing on what'll be close to home and give me the most possible time with my kid.  Childcare will still be a bit complicated, as will transportation...but I'm sure that everything will come together when it's right.

The most difficult thing about potentially rejoining the workforce actually has nothing at all to do with working.  I quite like having a job and interacting with people.  I'm just not looking forward to spending any amount of time away from my son.  It isn't that I don't trust the people who'll be watching him... it's just that I've been here every single day for nearly 16 months...watching every bit of development as it happens... I am going to miss so much.  I just have to remind myself that by going to work, I'll be putting him in a position to develop further providing him the means to do just breaks my heart knowing I won't be there for everything anymore :(  Where oh where is my winning lottery ticket?!  

Back to the first point... if money weren't a consideration, I'd be an artist and a writer...and I'd have a few more kids... and I'd just stay home all day completely indulging my kids.  It'd be awesome.  

Oliver is a pretty loquacious little thing lately.  He's learned to say 'butt'...and does so while smacking people in the butt.  It seems that he's trying to form sentences, and come up with the proper names for things.  He saw a trash truck the other morning and said 'trash truck car' (tra tru cah).  

He's still using food to lubricate his fingers so that he can stick them farther up his nose.

He's also a total little lover.  I worried what he'd be like with little babies because...they're little...and he's not exactly gentle with the cat.  I found out over the weekend, though.  One day we went to visit a little boy who is 8 months old, and Oliver was a big helper baby.  He tried to pick the younger boy up and tried to help him walk.  His efforts usually ended with both babies falling over, but it was pretty cute.  It was also a nice realization that my kid likes littler kids.  The next day we went to visit an old friend from high school who recently had a baby girl.  Oliver was smitten.  I held the 1-month old beautiful baby girl...and Oliver kissed her over and over and over.  It was absolutely precious.

Anyway.... this is taking a very long time... and I'd rather be watching Oliver eat a plout.  

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Decaf Thoughts...

Today I've rescued a bunny and realized that my breasts make me feel like a liar.  What a way to start a day, right?

The bunny was being tortured by my cat... it was a tiny little bunny, probably just a couple weeks old.  I got the cat away, and threw her into the house.  Then I trapped the bunny and carried it off into the desert.  I checked it out as well as I could, and it wasn't too broken up on the outside.  There was on little (looking) gash on its neck, but I don't know how deep it went.  The poor thing was shaking and terrified, though...and I don't know the extent of the internal damage.  It hopped off into the mesquite just fine, but that means very little.  I'm fairly sure that it won't survive... but its chances out there are far better than any chance it'd have in the house, despite any injuries.  Ugh.  I'm so mad at that cat... and I know it's instinct making her go after fuzzy cute things... but still.  Both neighbors have chihuahuas and I'd be fine with those being brunch.

And now, to lighten the mood...I'll talk about my boobs.  The other day I mentioned to a friend that the guys who shop at Safeway are much better looking than those who shop at Walmart.  Just a few minutes ago I was trying to decide on a movie, but figured that I'd just watch Eclipse again because it's full of pretty least that won't disappoint me.  So, that same friend said I should just go hang out at Safeway.  I don't think that's too bad of an idea.  I haven't pumped yet, so I'm very full of milk...making me deceptively well-endowed.  I wouldn't have to bother with a shower or anything else if I wore something low-cut...because no one would notice anything else.  But, then I realize how much of a liar that makes me.  Technically, these are my boobs.  They're not fake...but they are loaners.  Once Oliver is done with them, they'll probably go back to what they were before...which really wasn't much.  :|  Or perhaps I should feel less like a liar and instead use it because I know I WILL lose it.

I had so much to talk about a couple hours ago when I started writing this, and now I lack the motivation to write anything.  <3