Wednesday, April 3, 2013

TV Boyfriends

Because I did Book Boyfriends, I figured I should also pay homage to the men of the small screen who steal my heart every week...or whenever I decide to play catch-up on a show.  This list is highly biased by momentary whims.

1a.  Niklaus Mikaelson - The Vampire Diaries
The more of his human side he shows, the more I love him.  He has that look...anyone who's seen the show knows the look.  Then again, even the "I'm about to kill you" look is sexy.  And I'm fairly certain that my love for the bad boys was well-established on the last list.

1b.  Spike Spiegel - Cowboy Bebop
In a world where animated men are just as viable as fleshy men, I choose him.  He's a bad boy...and I could listen to his voice forever.

2.  Dr. Spencer Reid - Criminal Minds
His brain is sexy.  So's the rest of him,'s the brain that sets him apart.

3.  Vincent Keller - Beauty and the Beast
He's part monster, part doctor...and he has some kind of speech thing that I find intriguing.  Not the strained emotional raspy thing...but the little bits of accent that can't hide.

4.  Ryan Hardy - The Following
It's Kevin I really need to explain this?!  He breaks rules, loves the most dangerous person he could possibly love, and kicks ass.  The alcoholism is a shame, though...

5.  Tyler Blackburn - Pretty Little Liars
He's a sweetheart, a hacker, and very nice to look at.

6.  Jimmy Howard - Red Wings goalie
This totally counts...I watch lots of hockey and I love him.  Most of the time he's even an awesome goalie.

7.  Mike Weston - The Following
He's adorable, a bit of a fanboy, and a bit of a geek.  I like the young FBI guys.

8.  Damon Salvatore - The Vampire Diaries
He's getting a little too nice...thankfully, I know that can't last.  Once he returns to his old ways, he'll move back up the list.

9.  Sam Winchester - Supernatural
Don't give me shit for not being caught up on this show...and don't tell me what a douche he becomes in later seasons. I don't care.  He is beautiful.  He'd be a lot higher on the list if I watched the show...

10.  Dexter Morgan - Dexter
Yeah, I think the serial killer is hot.  He's usually not my type, but that sly smile gets me.

And my bonus guys are:
Danny Desai - Twisted
I bet that when this show starts, he'll be moving up the list.

Eric Northman - True Blood
He's too white and too blonde for me...but I still think he's hot.  It's the bad boy thing, I'm sure.  Even though I can't stomach the show anymore (inbred white trash werepanthers?  yeah...that's when I gave up), Eric is still nice to look at.

They're almost all related to death or serious some way.  It's not my fault there are so few regular guys on TV these days.  At least there are some humans on this list.  There may be hope for mortal men in my life, after all! at least a few cases, the actors are just as awesome as the characters they they're equally hot in real life.  Altruism, humility, and wit...excellent qualities :)


The hourly prompt I saw a few moments ago was the word limit.  My first thought was breaking point.  How far can I go before I can't go anymore?

Answer?  I have no idea.  I'm not there yet.  I think I've been there a few times recently, but only about specific things. 

Example: health issues.  My breaking point on those is mild discomfort, but I won't actually go to a doctor until the discomfort starts getting in the way of having a normal life.  It's never good for a hypochondriac to go to the doctor and find out that it is in fact something, not the nothing you were expecting.  The last few months have been trying, tiring, and nauseating.  But, not long after I reached my limits, my regular doctor also reached his... so it's off to the specialist I go.  Hopefully I'll be back to enjoying food and coffee again soon.

I mean, seriously... ME without coffee OR chocolate.  It's not been pretty sight.

But other limits...more general limits...what's the end of the line?  At what point to do I give up on things?  And what about limitations that are things I could be changing in order to extend the limits on other things?  Does that make sense??  How do I figure out which things are limiting me, and which are not...and how do I change the things that are?

I always figured that at some point I'd stop worrying about silly little things like this.  Maybe I thought I'd be too busy with work/husband/kids/life... Maybe the me that assumed I'd have a husband also thought I'd have things all figured out.

In any case...the word limit isn't really working my brain as well as I'd hoped...but it's at least served to warm up my hands.  Now, on to character development...or outlining...or perhaps even writing something!!  

I wish I could have coffee...someone else please drink some for me.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Book Boyfriends!

I've often wondered if I'm destined to pine after only men who don't actually exist.  Most of the men I read about are so much better than the men I meet out in the real world (no offense, real men).  I'm sure that, in a lot of ways, book men have ruined my expectations so much that real men stand no chance.  Oh well.  Perhaps I'll be a cat lady...assuming that I start liking cats at some point.

Is "the crazy book lady" a thing?  Because if not, I get to set the precedent.

Anyway, this morning I was wandering around on Twitter, finding blogs to read and generally wasting some time.  I came across this: mtgreviews: top ten tuesday.  OMG.  Granted, I didn't know all of her book boyfriends... but I certainly relate to the idea of creating a list of these.  I was also able to relate to it not being difficult AT ALL to come up with this list.  Soooo here we go:

1.  Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy – Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
Bookish people can be united in thinking he’s top man.  I really can’t think of a man I’d rather have… he’s snarky and arrogant in the right ways…and he’s a gentleman…and he has that certain something that makes him irresistible.  (It’s also true that I’m unable to read the book without picturing Colin Firth…bonus!)

2.  Four/Tobias – Divergent, Veronica Roth
What can I say?  He's a badass...he's smart, funny, talented, and kind of dangerous.  

3.  Roar – Under the Never Sky, Veronica Rossi
He’s pure love, cloaked in pure badass… I know I was supposed to be falling in love with Perry, but that was impossible when Roar is just…so much more interesting.

4.  Peeta Mellark – The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins
Another man who demonstrates pure love, but also a ton of bravery and loyalty...with a sweet side.  I like the love against the odds aspect of his character.

5.  Marco – The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern
The way that he demonstrated his love was absolute perfection.  He was a creator.  Everything about him and his story was beautiful.

6.  Will Herondale – The Infernal Devices, Cassandra Clare
I sort of like the asshole guys who refuse to fall in love…the dark, mysterious ones who you KNOW are totally in love, but who won’t for anything in the world admit it.  Will is good at this…but when he does finally admit it, and things go terribly wrong, he’s a total gentleman about it.

7.  Ash – The Iron Fey, Julie Kagawa
The one and only faery-boy I’ll admit to loving.  He has the dark, mysterious thing going for him… but the story fits with some Shakespeare and The Neverending Story, so he had plenty of opportunity to show himself as both interesting and determined in his pursuit of love.

8.  Lucas – Shadow Falls, C.C. Hunter
Werewolf with baggage… another of those dark, mysterious guys.  Are we sensing a theme here?  Yes?

9.  Patch – Hush Hush, Becca Fitzpatrick
Bad/good guy?  I’m still on the fence about WHY I like him… I just know that I do.

10.  Jared Ryel – Providence, Jamie McGuire
A protector and a vicious killer…fine by me.

Bonus Boyfriends (everyone should have some)!

Sirius Black – Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling  (yeah, I had some Misery-esque fantasies after his death)
Ponyboy Curtis – The Outsiders, S.E. Hinton
Stephan – Shades of London, Maureen Johnson

So, it's established that I like the very young, dark, mysterious bad boys... and don't really mind if they're killers, so long as they maintain impeccable taste and possess quick wit and charm in equal measures.  I also like the super-protective types.  Oh, and in most cases, the men I like aren't entirely human. 

The worst thing about this list is that I know I'm forgetting a few... and I'm going to remember and feel like a total jerk for forgetting.  Even though these are fictional men who will never know that they were slighted.  

Wait, no... the worst thing about this list is that they're fictional.  FML.