Tuesday, February 2, 2010

There's a question I always ask myself...

And I ask about a million times a semester... Why did I feel the need to get a master's degree?!?! Why? Why!? It's pretty bad when I start asking in the 3rd week of classes though. I've only received 2 of the 3 textbooks I need. One may never get here. Amazon doesn't seem to have the ability to get any copies, there are no used copies, and the UA bookstore can't get any copies, either. Oh well. It's pretty annoying, but the professor says she'll do what she can to get info to those of us (yeah, there are a few of us) who don't have books. :| This semester, with the kiddie getting bigger and doing more, I'm even less interested in working on paper-writing and so on...I'd rather play with the boy.

It was sunny and beautiful out today. Because it was sunny and I was in a crappy, mean mood, I decided that I needed to take Oliver to the park. He enjoyed the swing for a little while...then we went to the slides, and he was indifferent. He was indifferent going down on his own (with me holding onto him) and he was indifferent on my lap. Then I put him on the ground in the dirt...and he was fascinated. I was very happy that he didn't try to eat the dirt. :) There were some other kids and their creepy old dads in the park... weird home schooled kids. You can always tell this particular type of home schooled weird kid... they're a few steps beyond hippie... their parents are always old. Old like they wanted to wait until they had things in order to have kids...but they're still dirt poor.

I'm sure I came here with a purpose, but I've forgotten it. G'night!