Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The hourly prompt I saw a few moments ago was the word limit.  My first thought was breaking point.  How far can I go before I can't go anymore?

Answer?  I have no idea.  I'm not there yet.  I think I've been there a few times recently, but only about specific things. 

Example: health issues.  My breaking point on those is mild discomfort, but I won't actually go to a doctor until the discomfort starts getting in the way of having a normal life.  It's never good for a hypochondriac to go to the doctor and find out that it is in fact something, not the nothing you were expecting.  The last few months have been trying, tiring, and nauseating.  But, not long after I reached my limits, my regular doctor also reached his... so it's off to the specialist I go.  Hopefully I'll be back to enjoying food and coffee again soon.

I mean, seriously... ME without coffee OR chocolate.  It's not been pretty sight.

But other limits...more general limits...what's the end of the line?  At what point to do I give up on things?  And what about limitations that are things I could be changing in order to extend the limits on other things?  Does that make sense??  How do I figure out which things are limiting me, and which are not...and how do I change the things that are?

I always figured that at some point I'd stop worrying about silly little things like this.  Maybe I thought I'd be too busy with work/husband/kids/life... Maybe the me that assumed I'd have a husband also thought I'd have things all figured out.

In any case...the word limit isn't really working my brain as well as I'd hoped...but it's at least served to warm up my hands.  Now, on to character development...or outlining...or perhaps even writing something!!  

I wish I could have coffee...someone else please drink some for me.


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